Photo Gallery

Chocolate Covered Strawberries cupcake: Chocolate cupcake with hidden strawberry inside, champagne-laced whipped cream frosting, and a chocolate covered strawberry garnish.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries cupcake surrounded by minis.

Lemon and chocolate mini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

Mocha cupcake: Mocha cupcake (chocolate batter with instant coffee mixed in for mocha flavor) topped with cocoa whipped cream frosting.

Ultimate Lime cupcake: Lime cupcake with an added punch of lime juice sprinkled over the cake after baking and cooling. The cream cheese frosting has sprinklings of lime zest (a tip from I got from a fellow DIY cupcaker!).

Green Velvet cupcake: Another St.Patty's day cupcake, green velvet tastes just like the traditional Red Velvet and is also topped with cream cheese frosting.

Irish Flag cupcake: Orange, plain, and green vanilla batters were layered one on top of the other before baking and then topped with whipped cream frosting to create the tri-color St.Patty's day cakes.

(RNA cupcake - hydroxylated DNA cupcake) Dirty Nougaty Almond cupcake: Almond cupcake with almond slivers, marshmallow caramel nougat in the center, sweet whipped cream frosting, a dusting of crushed oreo, and a fondant disk with "-OH" piped on top for nerdy effect.

(Triglyceride cupcake, TG) Triple Gratification cupcake: Fudge chocolate cupcake, thick layer of chocolate ganache on top, and further topped with whipped cocoa frosting.

(Collagen cupcake) Jello cupcake: Sponge cake with cherry Jello solution poured over the cake and refrigerated to allow the Jello to solidify in the cupcake nooks and crannies, topped with an American buttercream frosting that's been mixed with unmixed Jello powder.

(Glucose cupcake) Sugar cookie cupcake: Sugar cookie dough with milk to batter consistency, American buttercream frosting, and a thick sprinkling of multicolored sugar crystals.

Tiramisu cupcake: Sponge cake with a coffee and dulce de leche syrup drizzle, whipped frosting, and a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

Tiramisu cupcake (above).

Snickers cupcake: Chocolate and Caramel-peanut cake flavors baked together with an added nougat filling and a chocolate ganache topping.

Snickers cupcake (above).

Red Zone redone: Red velvet cupcakes with a swirl of cream cheese frosting and football decorations made of marshmallow fondant.

Oreo Cupcake: Chocolate oreo cupcakes with "oreo stuff" frosting and a thick sprinkling of crushed oreo topping.

Strawberry shortcake with a suprise strawberry inside, whipped sweet cream, and finely diced strawberries for garnish. Smore cupcake with hidden graham cracker crumble on bottom, chocolate cake, and roasted marshmallow topping.

Strawberry shortcake and Smore cupcake (above).

Decorating with Mom for the holidays: red velvet cupcakes with an assortment of differently colored cream cheese frostings.

Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and hand-molded fondant bows.

Halloween cupcakes: chocolate decorated with spiderwebs and lemon with a pumpkin patch made of buttercream.

Opening day of football 2011 - Double coverage: lemon covered by lemon meringue covered by a whipped sweet cream and a fondant disk with NFL for garnish.

Opening day of football 2011 - Football Sundae: chocolate with whipped sweet cream topping, peanuts, and a cherry on top.

Opening day of football 2011 - Football Sundae: chocolate with whipped sweet cream topping and peanuts or sprinkles. Cherries were added before serving.

Opening day of football 2011 - Red Zone: red velvet with cream cheese frosting grass, hand-molded fondant goal post, and hand-molded chocolate football.