Getting Started

As a scientist, I am constantly looking for the most ingenious uses of the tools I already have, but, as a scientist, I also know the value of having the right tools. The methods I will expound upon will sometimes require the use of specialty tools, but don't fret, these items are all readily acquirable at your local craft store, mega-department store (check the wedding aisle), or your fave not-so-local online shopping spot. Trust me, the prices on these items are dirt cheap to pretty cheap, and the right piping tip can make all the difference when it comes to cupcake decor. And hey, if you're not completely committed, maybe just musing over future craft ideas, why not put some of these items on your birthday wish list. It's well worth the fun!

So here goes, some of the items you may need include:

1M (or larger) star tip
Piping tip couplers
Small to medium star tip
Small to medium round tip
Small to medium basketweave tip
Piping bags (disposable or reusable)
Gel food coloring (including black and other hard-to-mix-yourself colors)

Every now and again, I may suggest the use of some ridiculous tool such as a cooking torch (creme brulee cupcakes, anyone?), but these should be few and far between.

Alright! Time to get started...